Over Her Head: A reviewer mistakenly reviews my “Reach Out” album.

I’ll explain…
The following review came out in response to my “Reach Out” album in 2007, proudly containing some of the most complex songs I’ve ever written. This reviewer both loved and hated the album, even calling some of the English songs “hokey,” which is quite an ironic thing to say in Jewish music world about the only lyricist with an actual degree in English writing.
confusedwriter1.jpgApparently, anything she doesn’t understand must be “hokey.”  Sorry, ma’am… The English lyrics I write can’t always be as articulate, alliterate and profound as those you get on chassidic albums, which, by Jewish marketing rules, could not contain more than one English song or else it fails in the stores.

The Punchline…? The album she entered in the headline was “Variations,” which were 4 copy albums I made, many containing intentionally “hokey” material. That’s the nature of copies and parodies.  Curiously, that wasn’t the album she was reviewing! Go figure.

ON THE FRINGE—AL TZITZIT: Veroba Variations (CD review)

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